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Liz Jacoby

I became a Doctor of Physical Therapy after seeing a man with both legs amputated riding a racing bike in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. I was in awe of how AMAZING and resilient our bodies are and wanted to help all people find joy in motion.


My passion for working with folks with amputations expanded to other "neurologic populations" including brain injuries/concussions. I even had an unintentional full-immersion experience in that area due to a rock-climbing accident.


After working in outpatient rehab for 5 years, I wanted to do more to help people be healthy and vibrant. Around the same time I was growing my own yoga practice through a yoga teacher training.  


My experiences as a physical therapist, concussion patient, yogi, yoga instructor, and a human have all illuminated the same truth:


​our bodies/minds are ALL stunningly beautiful and made to be felt and used and loved without exception


I am here to help you find your way in the amazing miracle that is your body whether you are an amputated-badass, fellow concussion survivor, long-time-human-pretzel-forming-yogi, or just a human looking for a community where all bodies are honored with love.


​Come be awesome with me. And if not, go forth and be awesome.

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