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Mandy Grierson

Mandy Grierson began her Physical Training career after a handful of years art teaching and deciding she wanted to have an impact on people in a different way. After traveling, snowboarding, surfing, and hiking, she realized physical strength and health directly impacts your mental health and entire world.  She began with the intent of inspiring others to push themselves to do amazing things and along the way began deep diving into women’s health. She wants everyone to discover and love their unique bodies and what they are capable of doing. 


Mandy is Certified through NASM Personal Trainer, Certified Physical Preparation Specialist, Certified Pre and Post Natal exercise, and certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition. She has also studied the Pelvic floor alongside Physical Therapists and worked in rehab. She is a firm believer that education is never ending and the best way to learn is through practice.    


In her spare times she enjoys cooking, hiking, snowboarding, surfing, painting, and trying all the new foods! 

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