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Women's health

Led by Mandy Grierson, who is Certified through NASM Personal Trainer, has studied the pelvic floor alongside physical therapists, and is certified in pre and post natal fitness, strength and conditioning.


Her goal is to help empower women to feel their strongest and most confident. "Our bodies as women go through so many changes whether it's having kids or hormonal. There is not a single recipe that fits everyone so my goal is to help figure out what works best for you while we build the strongest, most confident version of yourself."

Breathing Meditation


7 max( Drop ins are okay!)

Educational workout class to help you prepare for birth!

Learn about your pelvic floor, diaphragmatic breathing, and movements to build strength to prepare your body for birth but also lead to a quicker recovery.

We focus a lot on breath work which is the foundation of our core and will ultimately help you become stronger. 

Workouts will be catered to individuals and the trimester they are in!


7 max (drop ins okay!)

Educational workout class to help you reconnect to your body post birth!

This class will be focused on doing exercises that strengthen the core, pelvic floor, posture, and rest of your body to help you have the energy and confidence you need to raise your babe!

This class will have rehab exercises to help your body heal along with exercises that will help you build strength. 

Even if you are a couple years postnatal you could be a good candidate for this class!

Training with Fit Ball
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