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Joe Karbowsky

Corrective Exercise Specialist (CESC-NASM)

Training and Education

Joe grew up as an athlete playing baseball, basketball. and football, and continued his athletic career through college. now he focuses his athleticism, competing in marathons across the country.


after receiving his bachelor's degree in exercise sciences with a focus in movement sciences aka kinesiology from immaculate university, Joe went on to earn his master's degree in rehabilitation sciences. while in college and after graduating, he studied under some of the best physical therapists in the country. 


Joe has undergone four major surgeries in his life, which led him to his career in the health and fitness industry. he continued his career at Georgetown university as a personal trainer, helping staff, alumni, and students to lead healthier and fuller lives. He later opened and directed a "return to activity" department within a small personal training studio and brought his awareness and attention to detail to the forefront of exercise and fitness in the DMV area.

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