Scott Harrell

Scott currently lives in Arnold, MD where he and his wife Melloni,  raised their two sons Collin and Cameron. Growing up in Kingston NY, Scott developed a strong passion for fitness during his time as a three sport athlete in Soccer, Track and Field, and Wrestling. Of the three, wrestling became the driving force in Scott’s life and it has served as the foundation in everything he does to this very day. Mental strength, discipline and accountability were they key takeaways for Scott and it lead him into pursuing a career in coaching as a result .


As High School Wrestling coach for over 10 years, Scott realized that what He loved most about it was helping people achieve thier fitness goals, break through mental and physical barriers and exceed preconceived expectations.  


As Certified personal Fitness coach with organizations such as National Strength Professionals Association and Parisi  Speed School he has almost 20 years of training experience. Scott’s clients, who represent a wide variety of ages, athletic abilities and levels of fitness, focus on mobility and functional strength as the foundation of their training….for them everything starts with proper movement patterns and they progress from there.   


When Scott’s not in his studio helping his clients embrace “the burn” that comes with with getting strong and fit ……you might catch him On his Kayak or a River bank somewhere fly fishing.