Tony Harley

Born in Annapolis & raised just a few miles south in Harwood, Tony has always been involved in physical fitness. Whether it was playing sports growing up in South County or running Tough Mudders as an adult he's always moving.

Tony is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Physical Preparation Specialist and a Pain Free Performance Specialist through nationally recognized organizations such as the American Council on Exercise & National Strength Professionals Association just to name a few. With over 15 years of experience training clients from all walks of life Tony still strives to become the best coach possible by continuing his education learning from experts all over the health/fitness/movement/physical therapy field.

If he's not training clients he's spending his days with his wife and 3 very active kids traveling and playing every sport under the sun. His ultimate goal is helping others achieve greatness through physical training and mental toughness regardless of there goals.